“As a a recent graduate, making the transition to the professional world is not easy. Therefore, I decided that I would take singing lessons , simply as a skill that I could add to my resume. I never imagined that a vocal coach would open my eyes to a part of myself I never knew existed. I attribute this self-discovery to Amanda. Voice lessons with Amanda are about more than just singing. They are about unleashing a voice that comes from the heart and soul. She has helped me to uncover my potential, not only as a singer, but as an actor, artist, and human being.” - Christine Carr, University of Windsor BFA Actor, age 23.
“Amanda is a motivated, positive, and inspiring individual. She has helped me through three long years at theatre school, two lead parts, a nomination for the triple threat award, and a career that I would never have expected if it wasn’t for her inspiring independence. After taking vocal and piano lessons from her, I not only improved in ability but in confidence and in technique. She made it rewarding, fun, and truly a pleasure to work with. She has inspired me to lead my own life, and build a company of my own doing something I love. I would recommend her with no doubt in my mind that people will be blessed to have her in their lives, and in their musical career.” - Jessica Willis, Randolph Academy Graduate, Triple Threat, age 21.
“I have had the privilege of receiving vocal and acting lessons from Amanda. From the day I started with her, I noticed an incredible improvement. She has brought me even further out of my shell and forced me to realize my full potential, which I am incredibly grateful for. Her wealth of experience allows her teaching methods to be catered directly to the needs of her students making session fun, challenging, and ground-breaking. Above all, her best quality is that she really cares about me and my progress as an artist. She truly is the best coach I have ever worked with and I feel blessed that she came into my life.” - Daniel James, Triple Threat, age 23.
“I am an actress who has had the privilege to know Amanda for a number of years, and she has always been a model to me me on the level of artistry that I strive to achieve. Amanda is highly trained, knowledgeable, and disciplined in technique, but she remains sensitive to the individual artist’s personal journey and process. She is incredibly patient, positive, and supportive, but gently challenges you to go outside your comfort zone and discover yourself and your art in new ways. My sessions with her are when I feel feel my most inspired and creative, and I highly recommend her to anyone with the desire to take their performance to a new level." - Jessica Rose, University of Windsor BFA Actor, age 24.
“Last weeks lesson is still so with me. It was utterly amazing. You are such a wonderfully sensitive and intuitive teacher. I am so glad to have found you at this stage of my life. The lessons are so much more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for that.” - Andre Pienaar, Award Winning Cinematographer.
“Amanda Moscar is a fantastic teacher! She has been teaching my daughter piano lessons for almost a year now and my daughter is completely enthralled. She looks forward to her lessons every week due to Amanda’s warm nature and her ability to foster and nurture a keen interest in music. Amanda has an ability to make any student feel relaxed and ready to learn. My daughter’s confidence in her ability has increased and Amanda has made playing the piano fun! She has increased her skill level significantly in a short period of time, which is a real tribute to Amanda’s abilities as a teacher. We would highly recommend Amanda as a music teacher for anyone!” - Josee Drolet, parent for Camille, age 9.

“Since I have been working with Amanda, she has helped me discover my true voice. As a musically educated person, but not a trained singer, I find Amanda is constantly challenging me in technique, repertoire, and in performance. I have recommended Amanda to friends seeking a voice or piano teacher.” - Darren Worrall, Elementary School Teacher, age 41.
“Amanda has been teaching my daughter for just over a year now and the improvement and confidence in Katelyn’s singing is amazing. Amanda’s enthusiasm and knowledge have definitely contributed to Katelyn’s love of music.” - Julie Day, parent for Katelyn, age 13.
“I was nervous about starting singing lessons in my twenties; I thought that it was too late for me to learn. Amanda made me feel comfortable by personalizing her techniques to fit my experience, interests, and goals. Lessons are always interesting because of the wide range of musical styles that she is able to draw from. Amanda creates a comfortable environment where I feel safe to try new things and stretch my limits, and, as a result, my progress has grown in leaps and bounds. Her cheerfully unwavering optimism has given me confidence in both my singing ability and in my everyday life.” - Kate Southwell, University of Windsor BFA Actor, age 22.

“When our daughter Kate asked us if she could take piano lessons, we were happy to oblige, but we wanted to make sure that the experience would be positive – it’s so easy for a six year old to get discouraged. We were so lucky to have found Amanda! She’s a great teacher – she’s supportive and she motivates and inspires Kate to learn. Amanda really knows her stuff! Kate is progressing so well, practicing on her own, looking forward to every lesson and most importantly, having a lot of fun with music! We highly and happily recommend Amanda as a teacher!” - Caroline Kubela, parent for Kate Ulster, age 6.
“Hi Amanda, I had meant to call you and tell you that Maddy came home from her first lesson “radiant” – grabbed a glass of water and flew to her audition. She said you told her she had a great voice and was very capable of singing a higher part. She was there for 2 ½ hours and came home feeling she did quite well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She will find out in two weeks. I think you are fantastic. Thank you for the re-installment of confidence I knew she had. Best, Laura.” - Laura Graham, parent to Maddy age 13.