“Amanda Rose Moscar has every facial expression and body language down to a tee.  She’s extremely adept at playing wistful little ones, exasperated mothers, and hilarious authority figures not even coming close to commanding respect.  She’s a real treat to behold.” – Linda Maehans, Thunder Bay’s Source 

“The over-exaggerated and melodramatic elements of this play are never more evident or delightful as when played up by supporting actress, Amanda Rose Moscar…Moscar gave an intense performance, and can wring more personality out of her brow dabbed hanky than anyone I’ve ever seen.” – Lynn Peppas, The Tribune (Port Colbourne, ON) 

“Winifred, played to hilarious perfection by Amanda Rose Moscar, manages to make the entire audience, cast and crew fall in love with her night after night.  Her antics appeal on every level, from her grand entrance after swimming the mote to the castle, to her limitless energetic performance atop a bed of 20 precarious-looking mattresses” – Elizabeth Godo, The Lance (Windsor, ON) 

“Moscar more than lives up to the role’s potential as the showstopper…Moscar brightens the stage every time she steps on it” – Ted Shaw, The Windsor Star 

“Accolades to Amanda Rose Moscar who played perhaps the cutest and sassiest Milky White cow to grace the stage.  No lines but for a few ‘moos’, Moscar handled her cow duties with flare and comedy that brought the house to many laughs.” – Vanessa Beaulieu, The Lance (Windsor, ON) 

“Amanda Rose steals the show…by hardly saying a word” – Ted Shaw, The Windsor Star